Yoga Loft Retreat




Uluwatu, Bali.
August 17 - 22, 2018


You’re investing in a Loft & Life journey, for more YOU and your practice.



Dan Ballard and Cveta Jovanoska, together with supporting practitioners will provide a

 truly unique program that promises to reinvigorate, heal and foster new inspiration to give you the tools to redefine your actions, movements and intentions.



In effort not to rob this journey of it’s depth and essence. We have put together some words in which we feel will assist you at this stage of your inquest.

We all crave unearthing and fulfilling our own potential and this journey can act as your thread towards growth and understanding to foster inner inspiration and clarity towards our best intentions.


The Offer,

The retreat offers you an opportunity to step away safely from everyday life and to invest in yourself. Life is constantly changing and the only thing we can truly control is our self.

Take this rejuvenating space as your temporary reset from worldly doings and any drama. This event is hosted on warm tranquil grounds of a semi isolated resort in Uluwatu.

It’s an all inclusive experience, with lots of variety intertwined across the runnings. It will see you supported from start to finish and is set to fully evolve YOU and your Yoga practice. The journey is fuelled with wholesome and nourishing buffet meals, contributing to the inner purity and mindset shift this week offers.


We collectively set out own intentions and feed off energy the environment, event and community offers us, as the authentic discovery flows naturally through the week.


What's Involved?,

Shared with the 200Hour Teacher trainees this is a rejuvenating and safe inward journey or ALL attendees, shared among a like-minded collective group, held in Uluwatu, Bali. We will be nestled away tranquilly at a Hidden Valley Resort.


We take time out to be with our true self beyond our initial perceptions & understanding; by taking a look at the unconscious & conscious layers of ourselves; releasing stresses, anxiety; and gaining insightful compassionate tools to unlock the keys to goals, desires &/or potential.


This is your thread toward growth, understanding & possible breakthrough. As you deepen your yoga practice and gain a deeper understanding of the philosophies that underpin yoga you will create a union with all aspects of your being, mind, body and spirit. Get ready to release what no longer serves you and allow the space for new experiences in your life to flourish.


Please note: There are planned activities for our open retreat guests that are compulsory for Teacher Trainers and with an option for you to take your own personal space to enjoy the tropical sun and surroundings or maybe even a relaxing massage or treatment from the resorts spa.


From this Immersion Retreat you will:


  • Learn the benefits of having a balance of both – Yin and Yang in life.
  • Learn how you can truly be in charge of your thoughts, actions and the whole of your life.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, by overcome your limiting beliefs and implement tools that will transform all areas of your life forever – relationships, work and personal growth.
  • Explore, balance and connect with your prana or the life force energy to help you release tension and blockages throughout your body and mind in order to create more space to connect with yourself from the physical to the deepest spiritual level of your being.


This is a beautiful program for both men and women of all walks of life. Delivered in tranquil and unique setting, under the guidance of skilled, proficient and qualified facilitators. Our staff have been handpicked based on their skills and nature and they will ensure you receive the support you need throughout your journey. Upon completion of the program you can expect to return home with a clearer and more noticeable depth to your life.

We promise you a fun life transforming experience so you can ultimately return home glowing on the outside and feeling fantastic on the inside!


Content Brief,


It is important to understand with the nature of what is explored and in the interest of creativity and authenticity, we give very little away, just the finite detail.

The experience is structured in a way to bring through a consciousness that becomes our most powerful tool in understanding, unearthing and working with potential on the journey. There are always layers to peel back and we invite you to take this chance to delve within, limiting the need for guidance and validation externally. We encourage you to be a clearer, stronger version of yourself.

Our prime focus is on our belief systems as we reveal how these can plague our lives and limit our potential. Robbing us of opportunities and joy that is fully accessible. We utilise a variety of practices, activities and exercises for self-investigative properties to create the space to further develop our beliefs, into forming and understanding our Prosperity beliefs and a Prosperity consciousness.

The program requires an exploration to our authentic core values and the role they play in our lives in attracting desires and empowering us to for real outcomes. It is here, where the inspiration, growth, change and breakthrough really occurs. This is the authentic levelling up.

All the while we are breaking barriers, often self imposed. We are challenging the radicle process of self discovery through many forms of expression which naturally draws the tribe together and sparks up real, supportive energy for an incredible week.



Bali & The Resort,


The resort is a welcoming, warm paradise. Known for it’s peace and tranquility. Located on the southern cliffs of Bali near some of Bali’s most beautiful beaches & sought after surf spots. The facility is equipped with many kind and capable staff to have you assisted 24/7.



Meals & Accommodation,


Accommodation is included as part of the program. All rooms are shared rooms (possible options for upgrade). This will be co-ordinated in the group page and organised by our facilitation team. Guests will also be provided with three meals per day. The restaurant and cafe is also there for you as well. Tea, coffee and unlimited fresh drinking water will be supplied as it is not safe to drink the water in Bali.

You will have other inclusive and events in the package, they will reveal themselves as the event draws closer. It is important to highlight that diet is an important aspect of your general wellbeing and will contribute to a positive shift in your mind set. The menu for the week will therefore be geared towards nutritious and wholesome foods designed to complement your physical practice and your mental and emotional application. If you have any dietary requirements, please list these in detail on the registration form.



Ready To Transform Your Life?,


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