The truth is, transformation needs to happen on the inside before it can happen on the outside with any permanency! For years I have hit this from the outside, afraid to delve within. Dan's patience, unwavering support and honesty were the things that allowed me to trust his process and delve within to view my inner demons and self.

I am one of so many woman my age who need the gentle support and guidance it takes for us to delve back into the world of fitness. It is not all about movement and burpees...it is about real life, love and understanding too. This is what Prosperity is to me, thank you my friend

Jamie, Client

Dan Ballard is a standout coach. I lost 8 dress sizes and changed my life. 1 year on and I've still kept it off. He is the perfect combination of tough (knowing that you have it in you) and warm (there to boost and lift). He works the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally. Just be ready to work for it.

Kellie, Client

I'm a cystic fibrosis sufferer. I was 45kg, unmotivated, unhealthy and the negative self I used to be; coming into contact with Dan/ Prosperity Life has been a life changing experience. He showed me what doctors told me I couldn't achieve or do.

Dan didn't just introduce me to exercise but showed me the true gift that life is and the potential in which it can be lived to and for that i am forever grateful. I'm 70kg now with trophies in body building competitions.

Jake, Client

I was recommended Dan Ballard as a trainer, from my physiotherapist to help me with a persistent injury.

What evolved from that initial recommendation is much more than your average trainer/client story. Whilst guiding me on a path of improving my physical strength, fitness and flexibility Dan has inspired a journey of self reflection, understanding and improvement.

Through improving my physical self I have also developed an increasingly positive and empowered approach to all aspects of my life.

Most importantly training is always fun and challenging and the realities of modern day life are acknowledged but kept in balance through an improved mental approach and value placed on self improvement.

Morag, Client