A bridge of connective understanding, clarity and wellbeing aligned to your own innate purpose, goals, desires and path.


We can experience a broader perspective and more positive states of mind, focus, inner peace, creativity and ideas by tapping into our own resources, feeling harmony with it.



We have become very good at developing and working outside of ourselves. Developing the body and building the outward idea, identity or projection of ourselves. We have become even more skilled in disguising what is truely going on within. Emotions, feelings, thoughts and sensations are usually bottled until the repressed content, what ever it may be resurfaces again.

I speak to you from experience, from suffering and loss of self.

We like to run around, finding a fix and answers all around us, wondering why it all doesn't feel fulfilling and 'right'. We have grown by influence to forget connecting to a much stronger place within.



It may not be for you, but we truely believe on some level there is an offering within our service that will speak to you with our 'down to earth approach'


The word spiritual may throw some, it may connect others and it could intrigue you. Ultimately for our people we blend the essence of truely moving, supportive energy and easy to understand teachings, philosophies and influence. We encourage you to use your own authentic guidance for:


  • Concentration & Focus
  • Awareness & Insight
  • More Creatively & Ideas
  • Synchronicity & Opportunity
  • Joy & Happiness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Becoming Your True Higher Self


We will never take anyone where we have not been ourselves.


Our Background,


We have certainly reduced the amount of strangers to the resources available within themselves. We have healed and seen very quick transformation of those who take the inward journey.


Our talks, classes and lessons can be quite captivating, inspiring and rejuvenating to almost anyone. We have transformed many different minds and lives by offering what we can, dependant on the space, group or situation; from authentic grounds.


The depth and essence to what we share has many influences; a broad array of ever growing resources. Like our own innate understandings and practices. Awakening experiences, philosophies, books, mentors, studies and ancient text.

Journeys around the globe; to the east and west, from the north and south. We believe in the real pulling power of universal law, the same laws in effect for the human psyche and profound spiritual teachings. Like our services we do not limit the resources.


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