Personal Training and S&C



Prosperity Life’s ~ ‘The Elite Experience' is a catalyst service established in 2011.

Respected for its technical ability in optimising the fine tuning of health, fitness, performance, well-being and the mind/ body interaction. Our interrelated workings collective develop an individual/s physically, mentally and emotionally.


The History,


With in excess of 13 000 bookings in this facet of service, including management of facilities and personal training departments. Mentorship, teachings and coaching to state education boards, sporting bodies and clubs, government health services and work with allied health professionals.


We have facilitated programs on international level athletes, offered rehabilitation alongside health professionals, coached and managed championship sporting teams, worked in body transformation and performance training that have seen some unbelievable body and life transformation and achievement.


The Understanding,


We hold advanced level accreditation in specialised fields, that spread across a broad range of platforms and modalities, utilising varieties of equipment . Our own unique training methodologies, philosophy and principles have developed an inspired and influential structure and style. An approach that considers and addresses the physical, mental, emotion and spiritual needs of our client/s in one place. Taking them onward and above as the needs and desires are met safely in a progressive manner.



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