The Thriving Wellness Guide

Wellness is the in-word, but these days it’s typically drained out. It can often be misused and incorrectly understood and sometimes there are differing views of wellness too. It is one of those area’s that attracts much discretion and discussion. The balanced approach of thriving wellness is categorised below in the easiest overview you will see;

Check out the 'we needs’ layout we have composed for you. Our view of fully integrated wellness may differ from others, but I do appreciate this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.


"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist”

We need RESOURCES to thrive:

• Purpose
• Self awareness
• Motivation & enthusiasm
• Health and vitality
• Social support & community.

We also need SKILLS to be successful:

• Ability to communicate with yourself & others
• Emotional support & intelligence
• Adaptability to change
• Creativity to innovate
• Vocational or academic skill

We need CHALLENGE & ABILITY to respond:

• Everything happening inside & outside of you
• Relationship with yourself
• Relationship with partner, friends & family & community
• Planned events & non planned events
• An event that is favourable or unfavourable.

I find this content and the overview to be a simplistic way to highlight and summarise the broad area of holistic wellness. Straight down the line, where everything should be in front of you. These categorised areas also hold sub categories and that’s where we really start to delve into the work around wellness. I love to question myself, in a self-assessing way, around these areas. A very useful tool in keeping you balanced whilst you move on with personal development and making the most of the NOW moment in your life.

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