The Prosperity Life Blog

Insightful, simple and easy to read entries on a regular basis from inspired grounds of conscious thought. All posts are composed by founding blogger Dan Ballard, written from the waters edge.

“The mission is to give authentic value away freely. In areas I invest my time and energy into daily with real life scenarios and events.
I will also share things I am passionate about and love within my life. I want to pass on the good stuff, simply for the benefit of sharing with other like minded people or those following the journey for self development and a prospering life”

It will be relative and informative. Short, clear and straight to the point. It is, and always will be insightful and orientated around the grounds of delivery, on all things PROSPERITY LIFE.

The things I'm most passionate about are people and vibrant living.
The craft I'm most passionate about is the development of the mind, body and spirit.
So my wish is to deliver insights into vibrant living, understanding and personal development, with all their little surrounding areas to empower those on the journey within the culture of Prosperity Life.

The why in all this and in doing this for free, other then simply, I just feel I’d love to do that, is because it moves me closer to my dream. By freely sharing my own findings, thoughts, actions, lessons and experiences in making the most out of my “NOW” life and consistently developing myself as the person I am.

I know at this stage I need people and I value your feedback, in any form. I feel the value will come out the way I know it can, if I speak to the people I care about on the things I love. As the blog gains momentum I'm always interested in all feedback. Your requests, questions or suggestions, so I can make this blog a little less about what I think, more about what we all want and need.

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