Gratitude is a State of Being

Gratitude is a state of BEING, much deeper than this popular spoken cliche.
Your world around you is all about how you think and feel internally & subject to choice, chance & law.

If we experience gratitude as a constant STATE, it holds real power for NOW and also has this pulling power for our goals & desires (attraction).

The only genuine contentment that exists is gratitude within that ‘being’ state.

Warm authentic value & character is found there and I’m learning this as I channel growth.
The trick we struggle with, could be the contentment thing though. Because our minds will always refuse to be content.
If you think about it, thats why it creates time because it can only survive with futureistic thoughts.

“The ego wants to want, more than it wants to have” - Eckhart Tolle.

If we open space for CONTENTMENT as happiness and peace require it, much the same as happiness and peace is GRATITUDE, we could learn to speak less and pay attention to the state, which brings so much more effortlessly… When the mind desires though, just be aware of it, because the moment that you’re aware of your thinking, that awareness right then and there, is this moment that awareness is YOU.

Gratitude must go beyond the mind!.

The things that excite you help you become the state too. I figured If you can work it in such a way, to make sure your life is full of what excites you or be bold and allow yourself to build a life around these things, that's powerful. By doing that you effect others in ways sometimes you don't understand. When I teach, coach, share, learn, write and say namaste to a collective. I become the state I believe in. I'm grateful for the whole journey (successes, lessons + challenges) over 8 years in the crafting of Prosperity Life and that's part in why Im so passionate in sharing & caring.

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