Events & Workshops



Events and Workshops are an excellent opportunity for a collective to come together for a common purpose or goal.

These spaces are either formal or informal dependant upon the nature of the project, the group, the concepts and investigation for delivery of an effective, value adding experience.


" The Imagination is the workshop of the soul, where all plans for the individual achievement are shaped " - Napoleon Hill


The beautiful thing about our Workshops and Events are that we have the ability to creatively explore the grounds and nature of our delivery. Giving us hands on ability to mould the short journeys outcome, with a structured, workable approach for the collective, utilising our wide variety offerings.


Our Service,


Brings through our channelling, authentic ability to energise and exchange insightful skills, tools and break down methodology within the grounds of the delivery. Prosperity Life Workshops & Events are like our services; Not limited in what we are able to workably intertwine, with our of offerings, into one value packed space.


Our Offers,


Our service is not limited, we hold space for a workable approach that is often tailored. Common offers can include:

  • Wellbeing Events & Workshops
  • Health Workshops
  • Yoga Training & Delivery
  • Workplace Trainings/ Events
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Confidence Workshops
  • Life Programs
  • Retreat/ Immersion Events
  • Prosperity Life Events
  • School Programs & Workshops
  • Personal Development
  • Strength & Conditioning



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