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Gratitude is a State of Being

Gratitude is a state of BEING, much deeper than this popular spoken cliche. Your world around you is all about how you think and feel internally & subject to choice, chance & law. If we experience gratitude as a constant STATE, it holds real power for NOW and also has this pulling power for our…
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The Thriving Wellness Guide

Wellness is the in-word, but these days it’s typically drained out. It can often be misused and incorrectly understood and sometimes there are differing views of wellness too. It is one of those area’s that attracts much discretion and discussion. The balanced approach of thriving wellness is categorised below in the easiest overview you will…
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My Prosperity Life

I see vulnerability and honesty as the greatest and most respected strength of the modern day. Few people look at your 'perfect' body and possessions these days and assume to themselves... ‘they are a strong person’ I'm telling you now. Sure it’s a nice asset to have for solid foundations of self discipline and respect,…
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The Prosperity Life Blog

Insightful, simple and easy to read entries on a regular basis from inspired grounds of conscious thought. All posts are composed by founding blogger Dan Ballard, written from the waters edge. “The mission is to give authentic value away freely. In areas I invest my time and energy into daily with real life scenarios and…
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