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Welcome to
Prosperity Life

We offer you the experienced and trusted support of an all-encompassing: Fully integrated approach to the dimensions of thriving health, wellbeing, performance and prosperity; a space to gain the understanding and tools, to build structure and discover clarity as you unearth potential within yourself.


How we feel and see the Prosperity Life is to be a steady pathway toward fulfilling any desire, situation or goal of our people. We facilitate the alignment and inner work to receiving the desires, opportunities, needs and wellbeing of the client.


A quantum product that does not limit the resources it takes in order to provide the support or guidance for the individual to authentically thrive. This means we don’t box our people in. We flow with YOU to create YOUR outcome.


We listen to understand and respond with an essence of depth and value.


“ With purpose; Through passion, compassion and understanding, we create, shape and reinvigorate "



Creator & Director
Dan Ballard

Dan is an inspired life enthusiast.His empathic, uplifting personality and channelling ability to enrich the lives of those around him has developed the core values and foundation to what Prosperity Life means for its people.


Through his services and pride he continues to evolve and develop along with the many people he comes into contact with daily in Australia and around the globe. He has built an authentic, stand alone brand as well as empowering others to understand, develop and unearth their own potential, adding value to their lives.


Dan has guided and supported his clients, guests, peers and students in overcoming the physical, mental and emotional barriers that prevented the fulfilment of their needs, goals and desires. He has truly crafted a life on purpose around the way he shows up and what he stands for.


" I am thriving and fulfilled in my life, when I am sharing what is truely meant for me whilst enjoying connection and community, travel, my practices and an active lifestyle around good people. These are my most valued things in life as the journey continues to my own potential ".



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