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Yoga is much more to us than touching your toes. However you interpret it, it is our pleasure to share what we love.

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Prosperity Life Yoga is an open journey. You will never experience the same class twice- as in life, each day is as unique as we are. Classes are designed to make your overall experience enjoyable, challenging and progressive.


'Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self ' - The Bhagavad Gita

Prosperity Life offers the following styles of Yoga:

  • Vin Yasa Yoga- Is the fire and passion to our offering. This is the dominant style of yoga practice with Prosperity Life. Teaches powerful, strong and expansive postures for the body and mind.
  • Hatha Yoga- Combines longer holds offering deeper postures with breathing and mediation. It gives students the chance to 'feel' the body and find 'unity' with their breath.
  • Yin Yoga- A still, relaxed balancing practice. Targets the connective tissue of the body. Aids rejuvenation with by encouraging a settling of the mind. Postures are long, slow, easy to manage. This practice offsets the yang in our lives.
  • Private and Group Sessions
  • Tailored Athletes Yoga
  • Yoga Pre/ Rehabilitation
  • Self Discovery Through Practice
  • Special Event

Our practice is less about the posture and more about how you move, hold and stretch your body. There is no competition, it is you, your mat and the opportunity for us to extend our practice to you.

It is our way of helping you to live easier, enjoying the freedom of movement while unlimiting the mind.

Yoga Central CoastBackground

Our unique style of teaching stems from the athletic background of Prosperity Life Founder and Director- Dan Ballard. After studying Yoga with Power Living Australia, Dan has combined over 10 years experience as a personal trainer with his extensive knowledge of the anatomy to create a program designed to challenge and empower beginners through to the more advanced of Yogis. It also invites both Men and Women to the mat

Property Life Yoga is rich in transformational heat. With both physical and mental challenges understood to us, the underlying philosophy of Prosperity Life flows through the program, uplifting and enriching both emotion and spirit.

'We seek and challenge truth, apposed to what looks appealing to the eye. We provide a connected experience, encouraging inner peace and balance. Integrated with expansiveness, the powerful will to step outside of the barriers which are often imposed by our own self.'

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