Prosperity Mentoring


Most people do not listen with intent to understand, they listen to respond.


We provide unconditional support to be understood from every angle.

A space for clarity, improved self-awareness, perspective, possible healing and guidance in revealing direction and prosperity within.

In its depth, the internal work will flow through naturally into your everyday life, career and beyond.



We offer you the experienced and trusted support of an unconditional partnership; a space to often, informally gain understanding, build structure and discover clarity as you unearth potential within yourself.

We feel this platform to be a steady pathway toward fulfilling any desire, situation or goal of our people. It is felt as much as it is spoken, meaning we facilitate the alignment and inner work to receiving the desires, opportunities, needs and wellbeing of the client.

We do not limit the resources it takes in order to provide the support, framework and space for the individual to authentically thrive. This means we don’t box our people in. We flow with YOU to create YOUR outcome.


We Offer,

Our interrelated creative tools, workings and offerings across Prosperity Life can include, but isn’t limited to;


  • Psychological & Behavioural Based Approached Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Physical & Mental Transformation
  • Intuitive Mentoring, Coaching & Training
  • Healing Work
  • Health & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Wellbeing Mentoring
  • Mindset Training & Development
  • Prosperity Life Yoga & Yoga Therapy
  • Personal Development
  • Breakthrough Work & Events

It’s All About You. We Don’t Change You.



Mentoring Levels

We have 3 platforms of service available, withspecialised events and trainings to accommodate your journey as well. Again we are not here to limit the resources needed for you.



Cornerstone is our foundation offering, the baseline platform for connecting and adjoining the aspects of our clientele’s life as a whole. This is a relaxed styled, free running platform to give you the standard tools and preferences needed for exploration, application and prosperity.





This is our inner formation platform. It’s structured and energised in a way that gifts our people the thread to understanding and development for levelling up across the spectrum of their life. Space is held to breakdown and reinvigorate most facets and areas creatively and efficiently. Consider it a mastermind level, where less is more here. Working smarter not harder.





This is our elevated higher offering; It is geared for an exchange of energy within, a closer focus on alignment with the individual in a higher value partnership. The most potent because of the deeper delve inward to level up with the individual and the nature of the investment. We see this as a partnership with mentor and mentee. It’s focus is on the element of fire, which cultivates transformation, rapid growth and change. It is the highest level of support to the client. We offer the ability to work unlimited with the individual on this level.



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