My Prosperity Life

I see vulnerability and honesty as the greatest and most respected strength of the modern day. Few people look at your 'perfect' body and possessions these days and assume to themselves... ‘they are a strong person’ I'm telling you now.

Sure it’s a nice asset to have for solid foundations of self discipline and respect, it all helps, but…
I see that these days it goes deeper. That is what is really cool.


It is your vibration, the frequency. Your tone, goals, visions and gifts. The way you walk and talk and what your passionate about. It’s how easily you forgive and love others and move on with life when you need to. It’s what you can teach other people on the journey, while still staying down to earth.

I want to share how I’ve gone from a bit of a muscle bound dickhead, playing life small and limiting my potential. To the humble beginning of the strongest version of myself that I’ve ever been, with unlimited potential and with purpose that is greater than myself.

I’ll share how the roads lead to the creation of Prosperity Life.
Welcome to My Prosperity Life…

I feel that everybody has the ability to be extremely impactful within their lives and has the opportunity to shine in their own way. Especially now, with how social media has changed the way we do things, there simply hasn't been a greater chance to go out and 'become'. It is your duty to angle that and live up to what you were put here to do and become while thoroughly enjoying your life.
To stop discussing people and start discussing ideas and events to get you there.
To be as impactful, as I know I will be. It will require being completely honest from almost every angle…

“You don't feel like your best self when you fall apart, but you have to fall apart to become your best self.”
― Richie Norton

The first bit of honesty is that I live a very happy and meaningful life right at this point. I know that, I live on my terms and help others with theirs. I have an amazing balance in almost all areas of my life. I feel very rich across a broad spectrum of where I see value and wealth lying. I know within myself that I am on the route to my true authentic potential as my own being. I feel weightlessly free and empowered all at the same time. I have good days and I have bad days, but the most consistent thing in my life is my smile and a circle who keep that alive.

The second bit of honesty is that it has not always been that way. I lived in a jail inside my mind. Where I was in fear of what others thought of me.

I swear looking back I was trying to be everything other than myself.
I even put this post on Instagram thinking I was killing it. It is still there today..
“The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think.”

My ego was doing so much harm at this point of my life. It taught me stacks of valuable lessons and real life understanding though.
Today that is where a lot of my teachings come from. The free will and love to share in order to help create resolve, breakthrough and have an understanding and for others. It now is the controlling of the mind and the directing of your thoughts accordingly for the benefit of yourself and others. It was how your thoughts and lack of understanding can and will effect the way in which you live your life. The real life stuff that you can not buy, read or gain certifications on.

I’ve made some bad decisions that have not helped me and I kept repeating them till the people that really knew me stepped in. I am a man and until a man has had he's heart broken badly he is still just a boy. I got that too and from there, a spiralling journey from wall to wall really began.

To be completely honest my mind was like a big boulder rolling down a narrow hill, bouncing off the rock walls, gaining more and more momentum away from the stable point it was once in.

I was trying to rebuild after heartbreak, learn about myself and soul search that impacted the effects on my business, creating a small amount of success and on top of it, an ego. I spiced up with a mix of a small amount of rec drug use and performance enhancing substances to fill a gap within me (that are so unbelievably common in young people these days). I don't look down on anyone using, it has its place. I'm merely saying it was good and bad for me at the time. I was taking on relationships that were not meant for me and causing more and more confusion, which hurt me more than anything, but..

The hardest part was not all that shit above, but it was trying to fulfil the potential I’ve always felt inside (that I promise you will be your biggest regret if you don't attend to it). To influence and look after other people when I didn't have myself taken care of and understood in the first place.

Most people on the outside are looking up to you and right at you, thinking its all together. Guys, thats where the real suffering is.
You know what I’m so grateful for all of that, cause I wouldn't have the ability, the insights and the awareness to be here in the position I am now.
I made a stack of choices though, they were hard, I went through some even harder times than the suffering points I just reflected upon.
Two of the best choices I’ve made were;

One; to purchase my own property and live on my own for 2 years and be in complete contemplation, assessing my mind and learning myself.
Two; To be lucky enough to have met with something that would redefine and change my life. Powering it up to heights I’ve always wanted and known it to be.
Thankyou to my muscle therapist and good friend Blake Peachey for seeing the suffering and inviting me onto what I thought was a yoga stretch week. That turned out to be a Transformational Yoga Retreat with Powerliving Yoga Australia. The rest is history and now I can proudly say, I'm still no where near perfect and never will be, but I know where I am going and no one but me has full control of that:


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