Prosperity Life Retreat

Uluwatu - Bali, Indonesia

2pm Sunday 20th August 2017 to 12pm Saturday 26th August 2017


Yoga retreat in Gosford

We all crave unearthing and fulfilling our own potential and this program can act as your thread towards growth and understanding to foster inspiration towards our best intentions.

You could be ready for a Prosperity Life Retreat. A powerfully fulfilling week in tranquil setting with like minded people for your self development and wellbeing. Your time for YOU.

We need to remember that we each have within ourselves; the power to lead a prosperous, rewarding and joyful life and that often recognising this power can form a part of our journey. The beautiful thing about life is that we all have the opportunity to set our own goals and create our reality. Through our thoughts, choices and actions we can shape our future and design our own reality.

We remind ourselves that everybody is unique and that we are all at different stages of our OWN journey.


A Message from Founder and Facilitator Dan Ballard,

This is all the information you need in the lead up to what will be a truly transformational week in the southern cliffs of tranquil Uluwatu, Bali.

This is YOUR week, it is all about YOU.

Yoga retreat in Gosford The retreat offers you an opportunity to step away safely from everyday life and to invest in yourself.

It is a truly unique program that promises to reinvigorate, heal and foster new inspiration to give you the tools to redefine your actions, movements and intentions. It becomes transformative with its properties of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual depth and essence. It will be a major step forward in your personal self-development and growth.


The program has been designed to act as a conscious internal rejuvenation that will flow through into your everyday life authentically.


Everyone will have a different reason for immersion but regardless of your intention, the program will challenge you and foster your development authentically. We invite you to take this chance to delve within, limiting need for guidance and validation externally. We encourage you to be a clearer, stronger version of yourself. This is a time to understand and practice freeing both your mind and body. It is an opportunity to form a deeper understanding and self-awareness, to unmask direction and to achieve breakthrough in your life surrounded by a group of like minded people.

Hand on my heart, this is a beautiful program for both men and women of all walks of life. Delivered in tranquil and unique setting, under the guidance of skilled, proficient and qualified facilitators. Our staff have been handpicked based on their skills and nature and they will ensure you receive the support you need throughout your journey.

Upon completion of the program you can expect to return home with a clearer and more noticeable depth to your life.

It should be understood that this is not solely a ‘yoga retreat’, nor is it a ‘fitness retreat’. This experience incorporates both yoga and fitness as part of a broader program that encompasses all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. The program aims to deliver a refreshing modern touch on traditional retreats. It is designed to be down to earth, relatable and enjoyable.

Content Brief

We will channel the practice of Modern Yoga catering to all levels and capabilities. We study the self, with prime focus on our belief systems and reveal how these can plague our lives and limit our potential. We use yoga and its self-investigative properties to create the space to further develop our beliefs, into forming and understanding our Prosperity beliefs and a Prosperity consciousness. The program requires an exploration to our authentic core values and the role they play in our lives in attracting desires and empowering us to create real outcomes. It is here, where the inspiration, growth, change and breakthrough really occurs.

We will challenge you with the integration of human movement training and exercise to complement the yoga element and philosophy of our delivery. Finding a connection between the mind and the physical body and to learn in depth; the power and strength that lies with a unity between the two.

There will be wholesome group activity as well as down time to breathe, reflect, explore the surroundings and relax (which is arguably the most important aspect of the program).  We understand that these concepts can be daunting and we endeavour to provide a nurturing environment to support and encourage you every step of the way. To us this is not about becoming, it is about revealing. Our job is not to make it happen, but rather to welcome an all encompassing sensation of abundance, beauty, harmony and peace. You'll take home more than you would expect from a typical retreat on the market.

Bali & The Resort

Bali is a familiar destination for Australian travellers and should need no introduction. Our time will be spent in the gorgeous southern cliffs, known for stunning sunsets and relaxed culture. We have sourced and have previously been a part of some amazing experiences in Hidden Valley, and hence why we feel strongly that this is the perfect location for you.

This Hidden Valley resort is situated in the Southern tip of Bali on the Cliffs of Uluwatu. The tranquil area hosts beautiful cliff views, magical sunsets and the resorts own unique vibe. Click here to view their website for more insight into the resort.

Meals & Accommodation

Accommodation is included as part of the program. All participants will also be provided with three meals per day. Tea, coffee and fresh drinking water will also be supplied.

It is important to highlight that diet is an important aspect of your general wellbeing and will contribute to a positive shift in your mind set . The menu for the week will therefore be geared towards nutritious and wholesome foods designed to complement your physical practice and your mental and emotional application to study. If you have any dietary requirements, please list these in detail on the registration form.


The cost for the week is AUD $1,795.00. This includes your accommodation (shared) and all meals. Please budget for additional add ons, i.e. flights, short trips in your breaks, massages and evening celebration (last night). We note that there are limited individual rooms available and this will attract an additional fee. You will need to detail any special requests on your application form and forward any questions directly to:

Referral, Culture & Understanding

We are proud of our foundations and we acknowledge that without you, we cannot deliver the opportunity we gift others.

Our experience is by invitation only, though anyone is welcome to apply.

Our selection process helps guard our foundations and culture and aims to respect everyone’s individual journey at the same time.

We have limited spaces available and in appreciation of your support we will offer preference to referrals. If you have any friends, family or acquaintances who you feel could potentially benefit from this program, we ask that you encourage them to register their interest and note that they are your reference. Contact us for more information and support.

Thank you, we appreciate you.


Click here for the Registration Request Form