Prosperity Life Immersion


Uluwatu, Bali. OCTOBER 1-8, 2019


Welcome to Understanding and Unearthing your Potential.


“With purpose; Through passion, compassion and understanding, we create, shape and reinvigorate”



Welcome friend,

We offer you experienced and trusted support, within an unconditional space to gain understanding, solve problems and provide framework to confidently support healing, personal development and optimised performance; both personally and professionally.
In an effort not to rob this journey of its depth and essence, and to gain a cornerstone feel for the experience, we have put together this information pack in which we feel will assist you at this stage of your interest without giving too much away; this is the magic of the process.
We crave unearthing and fulfilling our own potential and this journey can act as your thread towards growth and understanding, to foster inner inspiration and clarity towards your best intentions. A timeless investment that promises to present itself both during, and after the experience as a pivotal, cup-filling and life expanding journey for your total life empowerment.

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We Remember,


That we each have within ourselves; the power to lead a prosperous, self rewarding and joyful life. Often tapping in and recognising this power can form a part of our journey.

Through our thoughts, emotion, choices and actions, we can shape our future and design our own reality. We remind ourselves that everybody is unique and that we are all at different stages of our OWN journey.


So we do not limit the resources it takes in order to provide the support, framework or space for the individual to authentically thrive. This means we don’t box our people in. We flow with YOU to create YOUR outcome. Even in times when that joy and clarity may seem distant.

It’s an authentic full circle approach, from inside/ out, created to fulfil desires and goals for life’s demands as a whole. We discover clarity and build structure as you unearth potential within yourself. The result- leverage for your life and an increase in:

✓ Wealth & Status ✓ Confidence & Self Esteem
✓ Performance & Growth ✓ Sense of Freedom
✓ Health & Wellbeing ✓ Opportunities

The entire journey (especially when coupled with mentoring) is a steadfast pathway toward fulfilling your desire, need or relative goal, employing medium and long-term strategies. The power in this lies predominantly in the energy and the warmth of support, connection and accountability throughout the process and order of events.
We facilitate the alignment and inner work for the receiving of our students’ aspirations and opportunities that proceed into their lives; with joy, wellbeing and prosperity as the focus.

The Offer,


Take this rejuvenating space as your temporary reset from worldly doings and any drama. This event is hosted on warm tranquil grounds of a semi isolated resort in Uluwatu.


It’s an all inclusive experience, with mixed variety intertwined across the runnings. It will see you supported from start to finish. With wholesome and nourishing buffet meals, contributing to the inner purity and mindset shift this week offers.


Under a skilled facilitation team that walk the path themselves and have guided tribes through clarity, understanding and breakthrough we collectively set our own intentions and feed off energy the environment, event and community offers us, as the authentic discovery flows naturally through the week.


Content Brief,

It is important to understand with the nature of what is explored and in the interest of creativity and authenticity, we give very little away, just the finite detail.
The experience is structured in a way to bring through a consciousness that becomes our most powerful tool in understanding, unearthing and working with potential on the journey. There are always layers to peel back and we invite you to take this chance to delve within, limiting the need for guidance and validation externally. We encourage you to be a clearer, stronger version of yourself.
Our prime focus is on our belief systems as we reveal how these can plague our lives and limit our potential. Robbing us of opportunities and joy that is fully accessible. We utilise a variety of practices, activities and exercises for self-investigative properties to create the space to further develop our beliefs, into forming and understanding our Prosperity beliefs and a Prosperity consciousness.
The program requires an exploration to our authentic core values and the role they play in our lives in attracting desires and empowering us to for real outcomes. It is here, where the inspiration, growth, change and breakthrough really occurs. This is the authentic leveling up.
All the while we are breaking barriers, often self imposed. We are challenging the radicle process of self discovery through many forms of expression which naturally draws the tribe together and sparks up real, supportive energy for an incredible week.
We will challenge you with the integration of teachings, training's and activity to complement the Wellbeing and Mindfulness element of our delivery. Finding a connection to ourselves; the synergy between the heart, mind, intuition and body. As we learn and better yet feel in depth; the power and strength that lies with unity and synergy on all levels.
To offset the focused workings, there will be wholesome group activity, trips and beautiful practices as well as down time to breathe, reflect, explore the surroundings and relax, which is arguably the most important aspect of the program, to absorb it all.
We understand that these concepts can be daunting and we endeavour to provide a nurturing unconditional environment to support and encourage you every step of the way. To us this is not about becoming, it is about revealing and aligning. Our job is not to make it happen for you, but rather to welcome an all encompassing sensation of abundance, beauty, harmony and peace. You'll take home much more than you would expect from a typical retreat on the market. The work and seeds planted will stay and grow with you in weeks, months and years to come.

Bali & The Resort,

The resort is a welcoming, warm paradise. Known for it’s peace and tranquility. Located on the southern cliffs of Bali near some of Bali’s most beautiful beaches & sought after surf spots. The facility is equipped with many kind and capable staff to have you assisted 24/7.

Meals & Accommodation,

Accommodation is included as part of the program. All rooms are shared rooms (possible options for upgrade *T&C’s). This will be coordinated in the group page and organised by our facilitation team. Guests will also be provided with three meals per day. The restaurant and cafe are also there for you as well. Unlimited fresh drinking water will be supplied, as it is not safe to drink the water in Bali.

You will have other inclusive activities in the package, which will be revealed as the event draws closer. It is important to highlight that diet is an important aspect of your general wellbeing and will contribute to a positive shift in your mindset. The menu for the week will, therefore, be tailored towards nutritious and wholesome foods designed to complement your physical practice and your mental and emotional application. If you have any dietary requirements, please list these, in detail, on the registration form.

This is strictly a NO alcohol, smoking or drug event. In respect to the group and program, we ask that you comply with this. We encourage in the lead up to withdraw from this as well.

Elevation Experience,

A breakthrough extension to the Prosperity Life Retreat event is “The Elevation Intensive”. It is encouraged, but not compulsory, and encompasses a treacherous Volcano climb in the early hours of the morning to break through the sunrise and your physical/ mental barriers at the breathtaking peak of Mt. Batur.

Departing the resort at 1:30am bound for a 7km incline hike, the nature of the trek will be a spiritually enhancing journey, feeding off the energy of the active land and the back end of the Prosperity Life Journey.

You may require training in this area before the event, and our facilitation team will support you in the lead up. The challenge is brought home to the retreat venue where we practice a profound technique to complete this breakthrough day. This will be revealed closer to the immersion. Again, not compulsory, but very powerful to include in your experience.


Ready To Transform Your Life?,

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