Mind Coaching

What consumes your mind, Controls your life.


'The powers of the mind are governed by laws which can be easily understood by anyone. There is no limit to what we can achieve or attain through our thoughts.'

Sometimes all we need are positive thoughts.

Then sometimes we need something completely different... something that extends beyond just thinking positive.

We offer versatile training to access a clearer and more expansive way of thinking allowing you to attract desires and outcomes geared towards health, wellness, prospering growth, success and freedom.  Our training also acknowledges scarcity consciousness and those issues you have come to recognise and strive to overcome.

The basic premise of our coaching is to encourage freedom through a settling of the mind. To resolve stress and limit external influence. In order to harness the power and potential of your own mind, wisdom and intuition.


Professional Mind Coaching In Central CoastCommon Techniques:
  • Pranayama (Breath work)
  • Meditation
  • Conscious Work
  • Subconscious Work
  • Eliminating Negative Thinking
  • Visualisations
  • Journalling Goal Setting
  • Reflection
  • Affirmations
  • Acknowledging

These techniques are accompanied by the practice of self awareness to develop a prosperity conscious awareness with subconscious imprinting, working away from scarcity. Coaching the mind field into stillness, encouraging the transcending action of ego thoughts, which allows you access to the higher mind and your own intuition... a collection of thoughts and ideas so pure that they begin to source your core values, identity, goals and needs.

The work we present is influenced by world renowned mind power techniques that harness the potential of the human mind.

The real power we all have is the ability influence and direct our own thoughts.

The Understanding

Thoughts are a vibration of energy. They are the most dynamic connection to what is in front of us in the physical universe.
Any thought repeated over and over will make an imprint on our subconscious (like 4 times 4, we know is 16). Once imprinted it becomes like a tuning fork and begins 'vibrating' and attracting the people, events, circumstances and synchronicity that reflect those images you have within.

We have the ability to program our subconscious to attract a vibration or particular outcome and there is no limit to what we can program. The subconscious can not differentiate between what is wrong or right.  It does not discriminate.


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