Professional mind coaching in central coast

Everyone has a purpose and a duty to meet their own potential. Prosperity Life provides the platform to help realise that potential by facilitating insight, understanding and personal development. It provides a foundation for breakthrough, achievement and fulfillment.


Prosperity Life Founder and Director- Dan Ballard

PT Central CoastDan is an inspired life enthusiast.

As a personal trainer with almost 10 years experience in the health and fitness & strength and conditioning industry, Dan has helped hundreds of his clients overcome the physical and mental barriers that prevented them from achieving their health and fitness goals.

He has always taken pride in ensuring that those around him are naturally uplifted and inspired to meet their own potential.

'Sharing starts on the inside for me, every time. When I'm not true to that, it’s pretty easy to pick up on.'

Following the success of Prosperity Fitness, Dan had a desire to build on his brand and create an opportunity for his clients to participate in a more holisitic approach to health and happiness.

This desire was not only inspired by the ever changing needs of his clients but also stemmed from a new love of Yoga and its underlying principles.

'From building and operating Prosperity Fitness I had this overwhelming sense of achievement accompanied by ego... and there was suffering in that...

In a roundabout way it was holding me back in almost all areas of my life...

So in a way, I like to think Yoga found me. It was the transformation tool I needed at the time to help me live up to and realise my own potential. It provided the opportunity for a spirited and athletic shift for me and now it continues to inspire the foundations upon which I lead my life.'

Dan created Prosperity Life with the vision of combining the core teachings and principles that accompany the practice of Yoga with his knowledge of strength, conditioning and functional training- creating a synergy between the physical body, the spirit and the mind.

'Completing my certification with Power Living Australia, I now feel blessed that others can see and feel what I do. It has given me the unique opportunity to 'give back' - a responsibility I hold near and dear to my heart. I now wake up excited for the opportunity to empower and influence others.'

'You should love what you do and do it consistently, in song with your soul. Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction, so lets find that!'


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